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Washington Cash Offer - About Our Company

Our priority is to provide our clients the best possible solution whenever they are in a bad situation. We also help them make the right decision by providing accurate information. Our customers are very motivated sellers, and they want to sell their property quickly or “as is”. Feel comfortable that we are looking out for your best interests.

Our goal is to assist homeowners who need to sell their homes quickly. We purchase homes across the United States. We assist homeowners with foreclosure, divorce, troublesome tenants, probate, poor condition issues, or simply wanting to sell quickly. We purchase homes for a variety of reasons.

Main Members of Our Team (Owners)

Washington Cash Offer team - Matt

Matt Stark

Matt Stark grew up in Colorado and moved to California after serving in the Navy in  sunny San Diego. He moved to Northern California in early 2000 for a job and study. He graduated with a marketing degree in 2006, and in 2007 he started his own marketing agency. Matt can generally be found golfing, shooting pool, or going on different trips with his wife and young kid (when he is not working).

Meet Elisa

Elisa Stark

Elisa came to California in 2010 to pursue her MBA at Golden Gate University. After graduating and working in San Francisco at a top solar company, she eventually met Matt and they married soon thereafter. She came into real estate at the same time as Matt and loves it very much. In her free time, Elisa loves traveling, baking and spending time with her family.

What Makes Us Unique?

Regardless of our profit or gain, we are dedicated to educating you and your family at all times. Most homeowners will for sure gain more from a traditional sale. If that makes the most sense for you, we will encourage that. If it makes sense to sell to us, great! We will buy your house and close fast.

Meet the team at Washington Cash Offer

Our Commitment to Customer

We invest in real estate and are real estate investors. We purchase houses at a discount, fix them up, and then resell them for a profit. We strive to predict all expenditures before we purchase, because rehabbing a home entails many risks. We never strive to ‘undercut’ our competitors. We simply follow a formula. Our proposals contain a 15 % profit. We normally get 5-15 % of the sale price once the house has been repaired, advertised, and bought. Before finalizing our offer, we perform some minor negotiating. As a result, we’ve created an ethical code and are committed to upholding it with employees in all of our dealings.

Below mentioned are our basic values:

integrity Integrity – We’ll always inform you what’s best for you. We never take advantage of you or take advantage of your situation. customer satisfaction Customer Satisfaction – We want you to have an excellent experience with us. We want to do excellent work for you, and we appreciate favorable feedback. To us, our reputation is everything! communication Communication – We make every effort to bring you up to date on everything that occurs during each transaction. We call whenever something changes, and occasionally just to let you know that everything is still well on our end. We want you to feel secure. The worst sense is not knowing, which we want to prevent. Our image and reputation is precious to us, and we work hard to protect it at all times. We accomplish this by being proactive in all of our endeavors. Anticipating challenges and addressing them ahead of time can sometimes help us conclude deals faster. Referring homeowners to Realtors can sometimes lead to better prospects due to paying it forward. Not every call leads to a business opportunity, but every call leads to a chance to help someone, and we enjoy helping people! We enjoy helping others and are always willing to go the additional mile to make sure that your problem is fixed quickly and efficiently so you can easily go back to living your life! You can call us today and let us know how to serve you!